Saturday, July 15, 2006


It was pretty late in the night when I left office yesterday. I was sitting in the first class local and it was a little empty. I was very tempted to see under the seat but somehow managed not to do it. It was weirdly unsettling knowing that I might be sitting on a bomb!Two guys walked in and put their baggage on the carrier. After some time, they stood up and walked away from their seats. I was wondering that who in the right mind would give up a seat and stand in the crowd. That too at Kurla!! Then I saw that they left the bag on the carrier..Woah..that was a shock. I looked around and they were still standing there. So that gave me some confidence. Cannot do much if they were suicide bombers ;) You can imagine the paranoia the city is going through. Since I wrote this post, it means that yours truly is still in one big piece. Something to worry about, huh!

The journey this morning was peaceful. It was more crowded than yesterday. Means that everything has truly become normal. As I said, the ride was peaceful. Got only 3 elbow jabs, one stinking armpit and some realy wavy hair trying to enter my nose. Good, I say. The obvious things did happen. My shirt was pulled out, my body bent into some weird shape and my boots trampled all over.

Just came out a meeting where my KRAs were being decided. I am staring at a lot of routine work. Looks like RG will make a comeback the company.

Thats it for today folks. Will live another day to write some more.



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