Saturday, July 15, 2006

Bombay Blasts

Arpit and I were at the Mondegar pub when the blasts took place. People all around us were shocked to see the news. But the beer didnt stop flowing. Everyone was drinking merrily and ordering for more. We did the same too. The event was very disturbing and I feel sad for all those families who lost their dear ones. It was almost mind numbing seeing those images. But I didnt feel anything beyond it. I did not feel guilty drinking beer or listening to music while we were travelling back. Does that make me less human?

Everything is back to normal in my life but something has changed. I was very quiet the whole of last night and even now I feel something is not correct. This lack of emotions is very scary.The office is the same today. People busy staring at their screens and worrying how to sell the next ton of polypropylene. Didnt any get affected by these blasts or is it too common for them to be perturbed about it. Media calls this as the Spirit of Mumbai. Really? People need to get on with their lives as they got mouths to feed. They cannot stop their daily routine because someone else got killed. More than spirit, I see necessity.

It is also very heartening to see people come out of their homes and help the stranded. Though this became a problem later, the gesture was genuine.

Sharad Pawar made an impact when he requested all the top officials not to come here and make the situation more worse than it already is. Some sensible guy he is. Unlike Advani. he mouthed the usual condemnations against the blasts and the perpetrators. In the same breath, he accused the government for being too soft on terrorists. Cant these politicians rise above these petty political dramas and for once, put people first? Cant we expect even that much from these low creatures? The Maharastra assembly was adjourned because off the ruckus that the opposition created. Waste of our money again. Cant these guys come together in times of need to stand united and try and solve the issue rather than fighting amongst themselves? When a police official was questioned about the blasts, the first thing he did was shift the blame to the railway police. Disgusting.

On one side we see people,people who struggle everyday, come forward and display their greatness by helping the needy. On the other side, we see the system playing the blame game and mouthing standard press releases.

Not everyone is like this, of course. My respect for the Mumbai traffic policemen has gone up by a few notches. The way they handled the rains last week and the traffic yesterday was commendable.

It was just plain luck that I survived yesterday. It could have been anyone. It has not yet sunk in but this will definitely change my perspective and how I lead my life. Waiting for the realization to dawn on me someday soon.

If we dont meet again, hope we were well met.


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