Saturday, July 15, 2006

The best thing that happened to me at IIML


Or as AB would put it, The Scheduling and Coordination Team!

It started with an innocent mail sent to me and was asked to report at the placement office. There were fourteen people and I was meeting some of them for the first time.

14 people. 60 days. 1 mission. That’s how I saw Controls. We went through everything. Broken backs. Broken Hearts. Hoarse Throats. Heads hung in shame. Night outs discussing strategy. Nightmares where you see green squares everywhere. It is one place where your strengths and weaknesses are laid threadbare. You would never believe that you have these capabilities.

It was one hell of a ride. My social life (albeit non-existent) went for a toss. The latter half of the day was spent in controls work. During the other half I was either sleeping or was in the classroom or both. I stopped spending good time with my other friends. Classes went for a toss. Never paid attention to the professor as I was fighting to stay awake. The threat of grade drops was looming large. I lost a lot of weight. Fell sick many times. But I would willingly go through it again. Because of the sense of accomplishment that you feel when the first offer comes. And when the process is over, that ineffable feeling. The best part of all this is that you are in the background. The backend! I am eagerly looking forward for the summer placements.

Some great memories. Doc and his chants. Arpit and his mouse. Nimbu and his rainbow chart. Dahiya and his outbursts. Kaushal and his pickups. Tandon and his reserve. AB and his chinky eyes. Pseude and his defences. Mukim and his quizzes. Mehraj and the old man’s wisdom. Prasi and ITC. KC, Gaadu aur who. Globu and his running skills. Logani and his logina. And Critical, of course!

Some great friends too. Some of them won’t be here for summers. I will miss them for sure.


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