Saturday, July 15, 2006

Family Bar!!

There is some about Bombay and the word Family. A first for me in Bombay is the concept of bar and family restaurant. Do they expect families to come to a place where people of all sorts come and get drunk and might do things of all sorts. A great dad might take his kids out there and say,' one virrrrgin mareee for my kid and sex on the beach for the girl. make it quickie, please." That would be a great family outing!

Another first for me happened yesterday. A bus just for women! How bad are things for women in bombay?Funny sight of the day: Next to our apartment, i saw this sign. Please keep your condom clean and green. We are like," whathefuck!" then we saw the full sign, part of it was hidden by the coconut tree. Please keep your condominium clean and green.

Bombay Rocks! But not more than my new home. heard that globu was jealous...guahahahha ..thats a great feeling to have my friend. a great feeling.


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