Monday, July 17, 2006

On Movies

Movies were an important part of my life. I started watching movies when I was very young. Most of them were English movies. Even though I didn’t understand anything that was happening on the screen, I used to watch them. This was much before I discovered the female form and pleasures arising out of watching them. So you can wipe out that “obviously!” look on your face. I was very young. I don’t even remember how small I was then. But I remember the movies very clearly. The man with the golden gun and the Mackenna’s Gold are my oldest memories. It was mostly action movies that we used to watch. When I was in sixth standard, there were three of us who used to go the movies. My parents allowed me to go to movies on my own even back then. Three of us saw loads of movies together. The Five man army and the Abyss were some of the good memories. The highest ticket back then was 5 bucks and what a fun it was.

Then came that period when boys become more curious with the thing down under and its various uses, the time when biology suddenly becomes more interesting and the girl, whose hair you used to pull and run around so gaily, becomes something totally different. That was the time when English movies became something else completely. That was the time when I understood about those movies played at 1130 in the morning in a small shady theater. The small posters for those movies were covered by even smaller posters at the right places telling us which theatre to come to see the whole picture. Those were exciting times. But it wasn’t that easy to watch these movies. What if you are caught!!

I was in the 9th standard when The Specialist was released. Most of my friends were talking about the movie and the famous “scene”. I wanted to watch it desperately. But I was afraid. I used to think that once I become big, I can watch anything I want and no one could stop me. That was the only solace I had. I never got to see that movie in the theatre. Things changed after that. Not in terms of the movies and stuff like that but I got pulled into the rat race. There were too many exams in my life all of a sudden. The tenth board exams, then college, JEE etc. I will write more on my “education” at the hallowed portals later.

I love movies which has inspirational speeches. One of the first ones which made a huge impression was the president’s speech in The Independence Day. It was too good and after that I became a major fan of the American president. Then, unfortunately, Bush came on the scene. One of my favorite movie characters took a major beating. I cannot remember any movie with a president as a main character after this joker became the president. A huge loss to Hollywood. Have you ever observed these speeches in the movie? The president motivating his nation, the stupid guy declaring his love for her at the beginning of the baseball game, the teacher inspiring his students to rebel or the stupid blonde asking for the country to change. Hollywood has perfected the art of great speeches. I would love to hire one of these writers for my life. Imagine having someone like that next to you telling you all the right words to speak. That would be awesome! The music would start very lightly. Just one instrument to start with. As the speech picks up its tempo, so does the music. More instruments are added for extra effect. Then comes the climax of the speech where the character makes the final pitch. Crescendo! The music rises to a fever pitch and you are totally caught up with the moment and start cheering with the rest of the extras in the movie.

How I love English movies!


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