Saturday, July 22, 2006

India: A Soft State?

This is not a researched article but represents what I believe are facts and drew my conclusions based on those facts.

Many people I knew have expressed disgust at India for being a soft target and at its inability to take strong action. This is in response to those kinds of statements.

There was a lot of anger in Bombay after the bomb blasts. People wanted answers to long pending questions. People wanted strong action from the government and not empty words. There was a lot of talk about India being a soft target, a weak state. We always capitulate to their demands. India is incapable of protecting its citizens in its own country. That is very deplorable. I am in total agreement to that feeling.

Israel attacked Lebanon because Hezbollah committed an act of terrorism on their soil. Everyone was full of praise for Israel at the way it responded to Hezbollah. All they see is that such a small state surrounded by enemies had the balls to go attack the enemy. Why can’t India do the same? This is at the top of everyone’s mind and they want India to go attack Pakistan. This is where I beg to differ.

We just cannot go ahead and attack Pakistan. Israel can do it because it has the backing of the US. Every nation in the world except US is asking Israel to back down. You cannot go on killing civilians in the name of counter terrorism. US is supporting Israel and asking Hezbollah to back down. Israel has the strongest nation on the Earth to back them up. The enemies that surround Israel are non-nuclear. This is a very important point. If we go into the history of Israel and Jews, we can find more answers to this kind of behavior of Israel and it will be totally justifiable. Entebbe, Munich and many more bear testimony to this mind set of Israel. Israel is lucky to be in a position to the things it is doing. Imagine that US did not favor Israel and instead supported Syria and gave ammunition and other kind of support. Would Israel pull off this kind of stunt? I do not think so.

Let us look at the India-Pakistan equation. We do not have any proof that Pakistan had a major hand in this attack. We are not the US of A to go attacking any nation. US had the luxury of the war not being on their soil. They went all the way to Europe, Vietnam, Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq to wage a war. It was never on their soil. Their country was safe during the war. What about India? If India attacked Pak, the whole of India is exposed. Should India do that because terrorists attacked us for the umpteenth time? Is that an ideal response? Look at the risk vs. return in this scenario.

India will not take any military action now because it does not want to piss off US. This is in context to the historical (?) nuclear deal that might materialize.

Pak has nuclear weapons. During the kargil war, Musharraf came very close to nuke India. Remember that it was a war fought on Indian soil to stop terrorists. Officially Pakistan was not involved. In such a scenario this guy, who was not the president then, almost nuked us. Do you think that he would sit quietly if India attacks Pakistan on the pretext of killing the terrorists? Just think about it.

It is very easy for us to comment on the situation without knowing the big picture. The politicians sitting there are complete idiots and bastards of the first order. But blaming the government for everything is not good. It hurts to hear Indians talk lowly about their own country. It doesn’t take much to start a war. If someone like you, who admires Israel’s spunk, is at the helm of things might start a war. In the process, you are endangering the entire Indian population.

Something needs to be done. There should be some other way to defeat this menace. If we all come together and think about, a good solution will emerge. Bloodshed will be there and it has to happen. How do we do it without endangering the whole of India will be the challenge?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is total cowardice to hide in hole thinking that Pakistan has nuke and let the terrorist act allow to go on. This is bullshit. If a total war will solve the problem we should go for it that was the way the world solved Hitler problem. We hesitate to hang parliament attacker and feel soft for a killer(helper) of Indian prime minister. This is asshole democracy - We should beat back decisively atleast internally - i am sure it will work.

16/5/08 11:39 PM  

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