Friday, December 29, 2006

I was at Totos last night and I was asked to stay back to escort a lady home. She stays close to where I live.
She says,"Are we ready to leave?"
I respond in the affirmative and flag down an auto. I tell her that we will take the auto to Kurla station and then catch a train.
She looks at me in a benign way with a sad smile and says," Why dont we take a taxi all the way home?"


I guess I would have been mightily embarassed, if only I wasn't that drunk!

You know what this is about...

January – Manfest finally got over. Though I didn’t do much, it was nice being a part of that team. Had a one week marathon binge session after Manfest. Vowed never to touch booze again. Found a great friend for life.

February – Total fun time. Attended my last class. Wrote my last exam. Pained my juniors and gave a lot of gyaan to them during dry runs! The bad person in me has finally broken free.

March – Went to Hrishikesh and had one of my most memorable and definitely unforgettable holidays ever. Got a job and am finally out of the system. Cheers. Bid adieu to Lucknow. Didn’t cry at all :)

April – Went to Lakshadweep and Munnar. Time well spent. Went to Bangalore. Came back heartbroken :)

May – Back to Bombay again. Started my new job. Made some new friends. Shook hands with Mukesh! Attended the faccha party and had a total blast. Best Party Ever! Manan puked…Yewww.

June – Moved into our new home. We have our own bar! Started to hate the local train.

July – Getting bored with the job. Life has come to a stop. No action. Resumed blogging.

August – It was still pouring in Bombay. Life has just got suckier! Decided to stay off booze for a month.

September – Hunt for a new job has begun. Bunking office to attend interviews and telling boss that I wasn’t feeling well and feeling real bad about lying to him :(

October – New job. Loved it in the beginning. Loved the money I was making. Went home and had a great Diwali.

November – Bought a new suit! Life has again settled in to its own rhythm. Desperately trying to lose weight. Staying away from booze sounded like a good first step.

December – New realizations about work life emerging. Getting ready to take some risks again. Planned to stay off booze for a month but no such luck :( and the beer belly bulges on!

I tag Deepak, Manan, Gaddam and these guys have better stories to tell!

Happy New year folks..I hope the new year brings real good stuff into your life. You deserve it machan...Rock On.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Read the story here.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

In Bombay, whenever money has to be exchanged between a shopkeeper and me, the vendor never returns the money into my hand. He either leaves it on the table or atop a jar. I make it a point to leave the money in that guy's hand. He makes it a point to leave it on the table. He sees my palm but still insists on leaving the money on the table. Any idea why? This bugs me big time.


Is Atheism the new religion?

Monday, December 04, 2006

Where's the party yaarrrr!

So you get a new job and you call up your friend. “Hey, I got a job.” He is thinking: Awesome. For me! Now I can go to that restaurant I always fancied and drink the fancy booze on which I couldn’t afford to waste my hard earned money. But what he finally says is,” Congrats dude! That’s great news. So where’s the treat?”

You call up a couple of your close friends and decide to meet over the weekend for a drink to celebrate your success. You are happily settled at the place. But the word slowly spreads that you are throwing a party. All the losers who had no plans of their own for the weekend end up at your table. Now there are fifteen guys at your table and some of them you haven’t even seen for the last few months. They are like, “Congrats dude. Awesome news on the new job. Good Show. Can you pass on the drinks menu please?”

You are happy about your new job and want to have a drink to that. Now this is the funny thing about drinks. You are happy and want to have one. But after you had one, you are happier and want to have some more. And thus goes the downward spiral. Once you had a few drinks, you are the most generous person on the earth. You would put Karna to shame. Some chicken wrapped in the bacon for your dear non-veg friends and some more French fries for your poor veggie friends. Every one is having a ball. No one bothers about you as long as you are sober enough to sign the cheque.

And then comes the bummer. You see a number with lots of zeros in it and you are wondering, “Am I drunk or what? Did we drink that much?” I wasn’t this happy when I got my job. My happiness is not worth the poop bag used to collect a dog’s shit. Ok, maybe a little more than that. But not definitely this much! I bet my parents weren’t so happy when I was born.

You sign the bill just to get rid of it from your sight. But there’s hope. There is always hope. Any self respecting MBA from one of the esteemed institutions in western India and its distant cousin in the northern India and other assorted family members will change his job in the first year of his professional life. You take a look at the other fourteen guys on the table and give a wry and an all-understanding smile. Those poor bastards have no idea what’s coming their way. You just have to be a little patient. Those soon-to-be-poor bastards.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Globu wrote this really nice piece comparing hostel life to a sitcom and city life to a soap opera.

Zarda makes stick men really come alive and funny too. Check it out.

Read it. Trust me.