Sunday, October 19, 2008


It's pretty unfortunate that Jet had to fire some of its employees. Well, these are unfortunate times and tough measures need to be taken. When the going is good, no one complains. But when things get tough and rough, no one is ready to accept the truth. It was pretty sad to see all the sacked employees run to Raj T of MNS. Maybe, they felt they had no other option. But they were playing into the politician hands. This guy is trying to create unions and slowly increase his power and control over key sections of the society and economy. Dont give it to him on a platter! He is a true menace to our society and our nation.
Next day Naresh Goyal comes out and retracts the retrenchment order. We wont know what really happened but it looks like Naresh Goyal had to give into MNS's political pressure. Raj Thackeray wins!
In spite of all this shit, India still manages to show amazing growth. None of these politicians did anything to help the masses compared to what our business leaders did to increase the wealth of India and its citizens. In spite of our political leaders!