Friday, December 29, 2006

You know what this is about...

January – Manfest finally got over. Though I didn’t do much, it was nice being a part of that team. Had a one week marathon binge session after Manfest. Vowed never to touch booze again. Found a great friend for life.

February – Total fun time. Attended my last class. Wrote my last exam. Pained my juniors and gave a lot of gyaan to them during dry runs! The bad person in me has finally broken free.

March – Went to Hrishikesh and had one of my most memorable and definitely unforgettable holidays ever. Got a job and am finally out of the system. Cheers. Bid adieu to Lucknow. Didn’t cry at all :)

April – Went to Lakshadweep and Munnar. Time well spent. Went to Bangalore. Came back heartbroken :)

May – Back to Bombay again. Started my new job. Made some new friends. Shook hands with Mukesh! Attended the faccha party and had a total blast. Best Party Ever! Manan puked…Yewww.

June – Moved into our new home. We have our own bar! Started to hate the local train.

July – Getting bored with the job. Life has come to a stop. No action. Resumed blogging.

August – It was still pouring in Bombay. Life has just got suckier! Decided to stay off booze for a month.

September – Hunt for a new job has begun. Bunking office to attend interviews and telling boss that I wasn’t feeling well and feeling real bad about lying to him :(

October – New job. Loved it in the beginning. Loved the money I was making. Went home and had a great Diwali.

November – Bought a new suit! Life has again settled in to its own rhythm. Desperately trying to lose weight. Staying away from booze sounded like a good first step.

December – New realizations about work life emerging. Getting ready to take some risks again. Planned to stay off booze for a month but no such luck :( and the beer belly bulges on!

I tag Deepak, Manan, Gaddam and these guys have better stories to tell!

Happy New year folks..I hope the new year brings real good stuff into your life. You deserve it machan...Rock On.


Anonymous Shobhit said...

Yay yay ! Thanks for fulfilling tag , da

31/12/06 12:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


31/12/06 4:46 PM  
Blogger Chasing said...

Didn't see the tag up until now; will put up my list :)

5/1/07 4:48 AM  

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