Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Long live Scott

Scott Adams.
Don’t we love this guy who makes a living making mockery of us I-am-a-MBA-turned-manager types? He is such a prolific writer with really diverse topics. You can check out his blog. A new post everyday! Even during his wedding he managed to publish some articles on his blog and people have the gall to say that they are busy and hence cannot post! His latest books God’s Debris and The Religion War are very different from the Dilbert stuff that made him so famous. I would love to be like him. Draw a couple of pictures and write four lines and Bingo! Well, Scott says,” Just be glad you are not me”.

Manfest is the annual management festival conducted at IIML. Yeah, Manfest..I know..very imaginative on our part! Z had this idea to take this event to the next level and do something different from the other B-schools. The never-say-die guy he is, he mailed Scott Adams requesting him to address us during our fest. Since it is too costly to get him down here, he was told that it will be a video conference. We really didn’t expect an answer from him. It is Scott Adams dude..he is so famous and so busy and all that jazz. Why would he ever take time out for a college he never heard of! But there are a few good men left in this world. Scott replied saying he would do it. Free of cost. No strings attached. We couldn’t believe it. No way! Especially after another very famous CEO asked us $100,000 for a 45 minute videoconference! Of course all the money would be donated to his charity foundation!!

I was still skeptical. I thought it was some guy masquerading as Scott. Or even better, it is Scott himself and he is doing this for some new material for the Dilbert strip. Another example of how stoopid MBAs are! But it was true. It was really Scott Adams and we couldn’t believe our luck. We were so happy that Z actually pulled it off. Bur all those happy moments were short lived. We got a mail from Scott saying that he has been diagnosed with spasmodic dystonia. It was so bizarre. He can speak to a huge audience but cannot hold a one-on-one conversation. Since we were set up for a video conference, it cannot be done. We were devastated. We actually prayed that his condition is not so serious and he would be able to talk to us. Yes, I know it is a very selfish thought but still…we wanted to hear him talk to us so badly. The videoconference facility was booked and we did not cancel it until the event was over. The talk never happened.

When I looked back at those series of events and read the mails sent by him, I was struck by the fact that he was such a nice guy. A very simple person. You can see it in the way he mails us and responds to us. There is really a lot to learn from him. In spite of all that success, he remains a simple guy. In spite of all the difficulties he faces in drawing, he continues to regale us everyday.

Truly, an inspiration.

Here’s to you Scott.


Anonymous Kandy said...

Agree with you dude and miss those gud 'ol days. whats up in life dude?

9/9/06 5:35 PM  

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