Thursday, August 24, 2006

...And the sun still shines.

The world is definitely not lacking in fools. Remember the issue of orkut and the crush list. Well it is back again. I got the message from my not-so-dear friend AB, a week after the first message. I assumed that most people will realise that it is a joke in a day or two. But this guy is too much. One week after the joke started, he still fell for it.

Evolution is a natural process :) Some guy wanted to make the message more believable and hence adds a small piece of code to the message and sends it across. He finishes the message by saying " this really works dude!!".

There goes my faith in humanity and its intelligence.


Anonymous Panth said...

AB fell for it????? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

25/8/06 6:41 PM  
Blogger Saip said...

dude..i didnt expect you not to get it. not-so-dear friend da..of course i am not talking abt the guy who broke a chair on his first day!!

26/8/06 11:02 AM  

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