Friday, August 25, 2006

Goofy. Pluto. Dwarf. Planet.

Scott Adams wrote this. Damn Funny.

First we had 9. Then 10. Increased to 12.

Now it is down to 8. Some fun these astronomers have.

I read a little about Pluto and it does have some signifcance in astrology. Now I wonder what happens to those poor souls whose lives were supposed to have been affected by the planet. If you were told that since Pluto is behind Uranus, you need to do something to get it off your back. You start being nice to dogs and start eating with Uranus (Southpark Style!) to ward off the evil planet. One fine day you wake up and you were told that it was all a joke. Pluto was never a planet and hence it couldn’t have any affect on you. How would you feel? Miserable. Pathetic. Maybe you would want to end your life!!

Let’s take this a parsec ahead. Sometime in the distant future, a panel of scientists sits down and decides that there is no God. They got proof for it. How would the believers feel? All the good deeds done in hope of getting a place in the heaven for you and hell for your neighbor are meaningless. How would they feel? I bet that some of them would want to end their lives. God might not be there but Heaven might still keep its gates open for a while!


Anonymous antrix said...

Let’s take this a parsec ahead.

Parsec??!! It is true then. MBA sucks all knowledge of science out of a person. :-p

25/8/06 4:43 PM  
Blogger Saip said...

whats wrong with the usage? Junta usually say, " lets take this a few steps forward". I took parsec as the measure because the idea of proving the non existence of God is pretty far fetched and it might take a very very long time for science to prove the same.

i really want to know..whats wrong da?

26/8/06 12:26 PM  
Anonymous antrix said...

Aah.. I guess I got confused by your follow on sentence: Let’s take this a parsec ahead. Sometime in the distant future...

Since you started talking about the future, I was expecting a time based reference in the lead-in sentence. Something like, "Let's take this a few years into the future"

My bad :)

28/8/06 9:07 PM  

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