Saturday, August 19, 2006

Life is full of surprises. I log on to orkut and this is the scrap I get from some stranger.
Hai friend,
there is a special reason for sending this msg especially 4u.This msg is a love story of mine (sounds good !!!)My name is Yugesh and i hav completed my B.E from vizag n i am a vizag localite.I n a girl named KHANNA r in love from march 27,2004.we loved eachother in such a way that we r ready 2 die 4 one another,n we had gone 4 the engagement in Jun 2005,in the fear of missing eachother,but until his brother named XXX,came 2 know about this matter and tried to influence her ,but when she disagrees ,he made her stop her studies and took away from my life in feb 24,2006,leaving me alone n mad .I searched 4 her a lot but they influenced her in such a manner that she sacrifisied her love for her parents leaving me ,I am really unable to live without her and her caring ,i am unable to decide what to do ,as i am spoling my futher,Do u believe i did not go to US 4 MS in fear of missing her. Frd i know ,u may be thinking ,y this dude! is telling his story especially 4 me ,the reason is ,her brother XXX is yr frd in yr frds list ,GUESS WHO??? n reply me if u can.the most important thing ,i want is yr precious advice to what to do ,as i cann't be able 2 decide what to do !!!!,Pls send me yr advices .expecting reply
yrs frd YUGESH
Funny, aint it!!
@Chasing: Can you psychoanalyze this guy for me. It should be interesting!!


Blogger Chasing said...

Awesome that he remembers the date he abruptly fell in love.
Reminds me of this headline I wish to see: 'Saddam Hussein stands trial for this planet's largest genocide, after lunch today'

22/8/06 1:47 AM  
Blogger Saip said...

aint this good..he will never have a problem with his girlfriend!! but what an idiot da. He sent this to hazzar junta. and junta took his case as deserved.

22/8/06 11:15 AM  

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