Wednesday, August 16, 2006

R. O. T. E.

With this post, I am practically begging to be hanged by my balls and lowered into the grave which I have dug. All six feet of it! But, who the heck cares.

For all those who care about me or have the habit of storing useless information in their head know that I am single and going strong at that. There were a couple of times when I was close to changing that status. The only reason/consolation they could offer me was that they never looked at me that way. To be frank, I never understood that. In the recent past, a couple of events have unfolded which did not aid me in understanding that statement, but maybe, maybe accept it at its face value.

The first one happened around three months ago. My friends and I were sharing a drink when we were joined by a lady, a thirty-something year old HR executive in charge of my friends. To cut to the chase, she told my friends that she finds me cute and if I were ten years older or she ten years younger, she would have asked me on a date. I took the information in and with good spirit. Strike one.

The second one happened a week ago. This was a conversation I had with a colleague.
“Arrey Vittal, junta tere pe fida hai”
“Kya bol rahe ho sir”
“Tere jawaani pe fida hai”
He comes to me later again and starts off with the same line. This time I asked him what exactly is he talking about. He tells me that there is this lady who “likes” me. A little elderly to my liking. Strike Two!

Twice is no coincidence my man. Strike three and I am out for good. I really don’t know what they see in me. Next time a girl tells me that she never looked at me that way, well, I can at least nod my head in acceptance, if not understanding. Some things are hard to explain. Damn this empirical evidence!

Ok Zarda. Go ahead. Do the honors. :)


Anonymous antrix said...

Since you expect me to shred you, I'll do no such thing :p In fact, I intend to take this post very seriously.

I don't really understand what you are getting at here.. that you've come to accept you'll never be able to understand why women think the way they think? That you realize that we can never say if there is rational thinking behind what they say?

If that is the case, then I am disappointed dear. What took you so long to realize that?!!

About older women, don't even think about it.

And yeah, about the 'I never thought about you that way' - it's their way of saying, "Sorry, not interested in you." But I think you knew that but just didn't want to accept. Sorry buddy ;-)

16/8/06 8:13 PM  
Blogger Chasing said...

Continuing the serious vein, you probably need to stop being a nice guy ;)

Here's what some economists think about your predicament.

17/8/06 7:37 AM  
Blogger Saip said...

The fact that girls were not interested in me was very very clear dude. No doubts about that. The fact that intrigues me is about older women saying that they like me. whatever that means. I thought thats a point worth pondering and raping someone about. Hence ROTE..romancer of the elderly.

17/8/06 11:08 AM  

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