Monday, August 14, 2006

Orkut Spam - Contd.

Ok. Let us take this step by step. If you send this message to everyone on the list and press F8, all the people who have a crush on you will magically reveal themselves. There is nothing special in this message: Just plain text. No scripts or some intelligent piece of code to do the magic. It is like sending any other message and pressing F8 for that result. How stupid can you be to fall for it? I am wondering how many morons are desperately banging their keyboard waiting for that all-elusive list of people. And nothing ever comes up. That could be the reason why this female sent the mail a couple of times. She is a hottie for sure. Imagine her surprise when she presses F8 and no names appear! I did press F8 (w/o sending any message) to test my theory and nothing happened. Well maybe there are no names to show or the trick doesn’t work. I chose to believe in the latter. ;)

It was pretty sad to see some of my friends fall for this. Dude, I am sorry but how dumb can you get? If you really want to know if someone has a crush on you, go ask. Doing these cheap things to get information sounds pathetic and desperate! Grow up. Use your brain. Stop forwarding that mail which says if you don’t forward this mail within ten seconds to hundred people, Mr. Garrison will come and screw your dog and leave lemmiwinks up your ass!!



Anonymous zai said...

Paste this in the comments section of the eight other blogs you read and press enter, at the same time. Wait for something to happen to see what that it is. It is well worth it. If nothing seems to happen, they you haven't pressed enter simultanously. This only works for those who have faith in the magic stiched deep inside the layers of HTTP and other protocols.
Oops, forgot exclamation marks, here they are !!!!!!

15/8/06 4:17 AM  
Blogger Saip said...


16/8/06 10:59 AM  

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