Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Book that changed your life: The Phantoms in the Brain. This book almost changed my life, if not for the gentlemen who rejected my applications for US universities. I decided to dedicate my life to neuroscience after reading this book. :-p

Book you've read more than once: Godfather. The Foundation Series.

Book you'd take to a desert island: The Stand by Stephen King.

Book that made you laugh: C&H, if it can be classified as a book.

Book that made you cry: The Last Leaf, a short story by O. Henry.

Book you wish you had written: None. Books written by Scott Adams come close.

Book you wish had never been written: Rama IV, the last book in the Bourne series. Aaargh!

Book you're currently reading: Monkey Business by Troob and Rolfe.

Book you've been meaning to read: Sophie’s World. It has been more than a year since I bought this book. But somehow, I was never able to read it.

I wish I could say,"The tag stops here!". Way no way. I shall tag Gaddam, Manan, Doc and Globu.

I feel mad with power.



Blogger Chasing said...

Now that I have a home again I can do service to the tag. But you must know the answer already, it is the phantoms in the brain, but it probably changed my life in a way I didn't forsee.

19/9/06 7:59 PM  

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