Monday, July 31, 2006

Why blog?

I was asked this question recently.

Why would I want to put my life in the public eye and let every other person know what am I going through?

I said it doesn’t really matter to me if some arbitrary person reads the blog and decides that Saip is a sad son of a bitch. It doesn’t really matter. Honestly.

But then what about those who know you or are getting to know you? The process of knowing a person is supposed to be mysterious or something similar to that. I forgot the exact words used here. But the idea is that we get to know a person a little at a time. If they met me once and go read my blog the next day, they would know a lot and form some opinion of me and that relationship might go for a toss.

Is it that bad if it happens? If someone reads my blog and decides that Saip is a scary son of a bitch and doesn’t want to be friends with me, it is better for both of us. That person knew about it right away and I need not put in all the energy for a doomed relationship. If relationships and their mysterious workings is the core of your argument, then I am doing a service by making it easier for that person to make a decision and I am giving more information to come up with a meaningful decision. Thank me! BOCTAOE.

There are many other reasons I blog. I feel like expressing myself and this is a very good medium. I can use it as a sounding board and all that jazz. I am not afraid of embarrassing myself. I might write the most stupid stuff or forward really illogical arguments. Like the one above! These are not reasons per se but some factors which make it easier to blog. I tried searching for the real reason but I couldn’t come up with any sound logical reason, some reason which actually means something to me.

Why do you blog or read someone’s blog?
Do you feel like a voyeur when you do it (if you are reading a personal journal and the likes)?
Let's talk!


Blogger Chasing said...

I do have a question though. As a person presumably involved in business deals and high powered luncheons, aren't you putting yourself in a position of disadvantage because of asymmetric information? That person can use your likes and dislikes against you, without you knowing what he is scheming, or worse! what she is scheming.

31/7/06 10:52 PM  
Blogger Sreekumar said...

Hey Saip,
Nice and interesting post this one. Cant help commenting here. Cos your arguments seem perfectly sound to me. When I first blogged, I thought that I will just write for myself and forget the audience.
On the way, I have realized that I am not really doing that. Started getting conscious of the people who are reading and wether I will make some mistakes. You seem not to have been affected by that so far which is really good.

1/8/06 8:26 AM  
Blogger Perspective Inc. said...

I read a lot of blogs, some for news, some for humor, some for general entertainment...there are just soo many good ones out there!
I don't often read personal journals but there are some very nice ones out there.. and its fun to know whats happening with others..sort of live vicariously through others.. lol and when shit hits the fan, it sure is good to know, am not the only one miserable!lol

1/8/06 10:38 AM  
Blogger Saip said...

@ Chasing
How I wish I was involved in business deals and have high powered luncheons! It is true that I am at a disadvantage because of the asymmetric information. Fk!! I think i should be more careful about the things i write. But I guess the kind of information given out here is too nebulous and cannot be used as such. It is a fair assumption that people who blog, under an identifiable name, will not write anything that might be damaging. at the end of the day, we all have our secrets which will never see the light of the day. This doesnt actually counter your argument but says that the chance of something like that happening are slim.

1/8/06 2:01 PM  
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