Tuesday, October 03, 2006

N>=30 for Normal Distribution!

Where: Mess at L
When: Late Night, Late Feb, 2006

It was pretty late in the night. I was sitting with a plate of Maggi and bunch of other interesting things, a.k.a friends, in front of me. There was a junior amongst us who bagged an internship with ITC and will be working out of Coimbatore for two months.
We are having a very lively discussion about the weather when a friend of mine came up with this brilliant stuff.
She: "You know what, the weather is nice in April but it gets really hot in May."
Us: “How do you know? Have you been there around that time?”
She: "Yup, I was there in April and May.”
Us: “Oh. Ok.”
She: “Ya. I was there for two days. April 30th and May 1st”

*eyes popped out*
*hanged myself to death with Maggi*


Anonymous ambika said...

i just stumbled here by chance, but you be the bhery bhery phunny:)
me the thanking you phaar loffing me(you get the point)

5/10/06 12:26 AM  
Blogger Saip said...

hey..is this ambika pallavi? thanks for the kind words but do i see a trace of sarcasm in there? :) how you doing ma'am? where are you now?

5/10/06 11:07 AM  

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