Friday, September 22, 2006

The Quest for Work

Most of my friends know that I am pretty jobless at work here. But no one knows the true extent and the enormity of this. If I count the number of days I was reasonably busy, it would not be more than three weeks. And it has been more than a hundred days since I started working at this place. That is around 20% capacity utilization. I bet that some of my neural networks must have developed cobwebs and grey cells turned real black.

When I made my decision to join this place, I thought this would be my launch pad into the big bad world of investment banking and my dreams were filled with billion dollar deals and high powered luncheons and private jets and fast cars and hot babes and drinking binges and unmentionable acts thereof. It didn’t really work out that way. Not even close to it. I got one hour rides in as-dense-as-a-neutron-star local trains. Social life was non-existent. Yes, the drinking binges were there and they were the only solace.

In the search of work, I have done many things. I attended conferences on chemical engineering to understand the business. I worked for a certain state government with the aim of projecting the state as investment destination. I was asked to work with an economist to prove that the fiscal and taxation policies of Indian government are not conducive for the growth of our industry. My boss is thinking of ingenious ways to keep me busy. The latest was his attempt to make me into an advertising chap. I was invited to work with an agency to come up with the branding strategy and advertising material for our business. Everything under the sun except what I came for.

Junta might think that it is nice not to have work. But it is really tough not to have work. It takes too much effort to be idle and not look too idle. Your lunch hours keep getting longer. The walks after lunch keep getting even longer. You become an expert at avoiding the firewall and browse the blocked sites. Orkut is something akin to a savior. Your entire lifestyle undergoes a subtle transformation.

My quest for work will continue. If not here, it will be somewhere else.

As the wise man said, the show must go on.


Anonymous Panth said...

come rain, come shine, come snow, come sleet..the show MUST!!! go on...
- a dialogue from "Singing in the Rain"...

22/9/06 7:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good show idiot:)

luv u ... u rock stupe... and i am just so so happy for you...

26/9/06 9:44 PM  

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